American Gypsum Recycling

Has big changes on the Horizon.

American Gypsum Recycling is proud to announce it’s new name….

Gypsum to Gypsum.

Please be patient while we shape our new story in 2020.




American Gypsum Recycling Logo

American Gypsum Recycling cares for our planet through sheetrock recycling and waste stream reduction! Making a Positive Impact!


Sheetrock is approximately 90% gypsum and 10% paper. Gypsum materials consist of calcium sulfate dihydrate. Sulfate-reducing bacteria convert sulfates to toxic hydrogen sulfide gas. Gypsum put into landfills will decompose, releasing up to a quarter of its weight in hydrogen sulfide. Moreover, methanogenic bacteria also thrive in such an environment and convert the paper in the plasterboard to methane gas which is a potent greenhouse gas. This reality compels American Gypsum Recycling to remove Sheetrock from the waste stream and recycle it back into the agricultural and cement industries.

 Serving the Portland/Salem Oregon and Seattle metro areas.

Not open to general public, haulers only please.